AlliedOP strives to be at the forefront of technological advancements in human mobility. The Ottobock C-Brace is an orthotronic mobility system that is changing the lives of its users and revolutionizing the orthotic industry. Using its microprocessor sensor technology, which can be controlled using a smartphone app, the C-Brace is making movement safer, less burdensome, and more enjoyable for its users. 




The C-Brace supports you through the entire gait cycle and adapts to everyday situations in real-time

With the C-Brace, users can:

  • Walk on uneven terrain

  • Go down stairs step-over-step

  • Wear under clothing due to light material and low-profile design

  • Make adjustments to the brace settings by using the mobile app


AlliedOP was one of the first patient care providers in the United States to bring C-Brace technology to its patients, and has since become an industry leader in this technology. AlliedOP Practitioner Charles Soltner, who leads AlliedOP’s C-Brace division, has been asked to participate in numerous national panels regarding the benefits of the C-Brace and is widely regarded as an expert in C-Brace technology.

Do you think your mobility may benefit from a C-Brace?

To schedule a free consultation either in your home or in one of our AlliedOP locations, call (800) 848-8866 and ask for Charles Soltner or Steven Cuff.

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